Coaster - Mozart


The coster size is D=100 x 3 mm. Made out of high-quality 3mm Finnish plywood.
The puzzle came in a beautiful and sturdy wooden box. Everything is made of Finnish birch plywood and the smell is amazing. I couldn't stop sniffing it. 😄

The colors are vivid and there's no chipping or burn marks. The pieces are 3 millimeters thick. I counted 17 cute Halloween-themed whimsies and that's a lot for a 89 pieces puzzle. 🎃 You can see the whimsies in the last pic. I didn't encounter any quality issues.

I'm very happy there's a new puzzle company in Finland since we don't have too many. This was my first Halloween puzzle ever and I really enjoyed doing it, the mouse is super cute. 🐀 🥰 I'm definitely keeping this one in my collection and looking forward to seeing more puzzles from PUULAB 💚
— crafthopper
It is gorgeous. It has captured so much of the country’s essence that it’s like a fanfare to the whole nation! I’ve never seen so many whimsies in one puzzle and I’ve seen quite a few puzzles like this 😉

There are whimsies of the local fauna, favourite past time like ice hockey, fishing and hiking as well as the other top sports such as rallying and ski jumping. You find Santa with his wife, composer Jean Sibelius and Väinämöinen - the main folklore character, and some famous buildings too.

In addition to the separate whimsies you can find other creatures coming alive as you get the picture together. There’s more in another posting coming later.

This is a must build for me on every Independence Day from now on

Keep up the good work PUULAB and congrats! The quality is 🥇 This is a piece of art.
— puzzlepuzzle71
This is the second time I did this puzzle, so it's been tested twice already. Firstly, the smell of the real wood is amazing. Secondly, the colors are super bright. Thirdly, there's so many whimsies for such a small puzzle! Swipe to see more pictures of them.

There was no quality issues at all and I can wholeheartedly recommend these puzzles. I really enjoyed putting this cute owl together and it's a perfect size for whenever I feel like doing a small wooden puzzle. 🦉🥰
— crafthopper
This Christmas day we enjoyed this wonderful puzzle with my daughter and my husband. ❤️I won it in a giveaway, held by @crafthopper ❤️Thank you once again, dear! Perfect quality and delightful, sweet winter-themed whimsies 🎄🎅🏻🎁❤️ Thank you, @puu_lab! ❤️ The Christmas Owl, 107 pieces by PUULAB 🧩❤️
— kiraspuzzles
Here come the long dark evenings!
Home entertainment comes to the aid of a good mood! Recently, we have discovered unusual puzzles in which there is not a single detail that repeats in shape! And they are made of the material loved by the Finns - wood (100% birch plywood)! 😍

Puzzles are made by a small company from Kirkkonummi - @puu_lab, which tries to combine Finnish traditions, love for nature and cozy family evenings in one box😉

And for those who love to create and create themselves, they have wooden Christmas toys in store that you can color yourself.

So I strongly advise you to go to their Instagram page or for a portion of good mood!
— lisakii_fi (Text translated by Google Translate)